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Your story begins in a tavern...
One of the best adventures to have with friends is to play a tabletop role playing game, or TTRPG. Together, you tell an amazing story and have fun while doing so!

In today's world of all-digital, the tabletop community can be found online as well. The digital options to really create an immersive story are endless!
As a Dungeon Master, I enjoy bringing stories to everyone who's interested. Whether you're a new player looking for their very first D&D experience, or a veteran player who wants to try something new, I'm your pick!
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Making a great story requires many assets,
and I enjoy having a hand in all of it.
With my games, you get to enjoy maps and visuals made by me, that really fit the scenario's you might find yourself in.

I have a lot of home made stories that tell tales you have never experienced before. Curious about my selection? Check out my Homebrew section!
a small town with a wooden fence and a wooden fence
a small town with a wooden fence and a wooden fence
About me!
My name is Berry (hence the name DM Berry!), and I'm a dungeon master from the Netherlands!

In the weekends, I am hosting a D&D show called The Gilded Flask, over on Twitch with my best friends! We also have a youtube channel and various other outlets.

Beside that I run games on, where I enjoy sharing my home made (one-shot) adventures with the world. I have some for new players as well as veterans.

Curious about my home made adventures? Have a look at the one shots section!