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The adventure of a lifetime

Where one shots offer a quick, one-session story to have fun with, full adventures take you on a trip that will bring you all the good that tabletop roleplaying has to offer!

Epic tales such as the Curse of Strahd, the Dragon of Ice Spire Peak, and so, so many more are etched into the mind of many a player. And with the possibilities of homebrewing those stories to make them fresh each time, the possibilities are endless!

Come join me on a full adventure and let me be your guide. You will not regret it.

of Gems and Justice:
a Curse of Strahd Tale

One of the most popular and well-known stories in the world of Dungeons and Dragons might be the Curse of Strahd; a thrilling gothic-horror adventure that is sure to captivate you!

This is my take on the classic adventure, with added content such as the fabled Fey Gems quest line, new locations and characters such as the creepy Dr. Dascalu, and much, much more.

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The Dungeons of Drakkenheim

Drakkenheim is no more. Struck by a falling star on that woeful eve, the immediate destruction was nothing to the madness and chaos that followed.

Now, 15 years later, the city and surrounding lands are still in disarray. There is still no sign of any surviving members of the royal family, and with 5 factions struggling to rule the rubble, there is little hope for a better future.

You, a group of adventurers with individual reasons to come to Drakkenheim, will find yourselves in the middle of a tremendous power struggle over dangerous neighborhoods and haunted streets. Will your actions turn the tide of uncertainty, will you find what you seek, or will it all be in vain?

The Dragon of Ice Spire Peak

The small town of Phandalin, located along the Triboar trail and near the Sword Coast, is in peril. The town's mayor Harbin Wester is certain that recently, dragons have been spotted... a bad sign indeed, for the town is not equipped to defend itself.
You, a traveling group of adventurers arrive in Phandalin unaware of the mayor's perdicament. Instead, you are looking for work, and find yourself staring at the town's notice board... "help needed with dragon"...

If you are new to D&D this is a fantastic first adventure, but even seasoned veterans will enjoy this story!

Odyssey of the Dragonlords

An amazing story set in distant lands that are not unlike ancient Greece and Rome, the Odyssey of the Dragonlords is a story where you follow your destiny from simple means to actual godhood.

A pending apocalypse is soon to turn the land of Thylea asunder. The very existence of the land and its inhabitants is at stake as the Titans prepare for an all-out war.

Will you prevent certain doom, and save the land of Thylea?

Keys from the Golden Vault

A life in the shadows, that is what you chose. Pilfering, stealing, and actions under the cover of darkness are your bread and butter.

But this latest job got compromised, and you barely made it out alive together with some newfound friends. Together, you decide to start a group of operatives, and soon, you find that you are discovered by The Golden Vault, a clandestine group of agents around the world who right wrongs. A key is sent to your hideout, and a mission unfolds... are you ready to pull off the perfect heist?