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This page contains all of the one shots that I am either developing, or running! Most of my one shot adventures are 100% homebrewed!

By definition, 'homebrew' is fan terminology for game material made by players of a game, rather than by an official or third-party publisher. In the context of D&D, this means a homemade story, often accompanied by new settings, characters, spells, etcetera.

My homebrews all come with maps that I draw from scratch, and are added into Foundry with love and care, and the perfect music to really set the scene.

Have a look below at my available one shots!

A night at the Gilded Flask

The bustling tavern 'The Gilded Flask' has been the stop-over for many merchants and travelers on the road to and from Waterdeep. The owners of the tavern, all adventurers in their own right, chose to live a quieter life and settled on the edge of the Ardeep Forest. Tonight though, they have been asked to go out on a small adventure as a favour to a friend of old.

You and your group have been hired as temps to keep The Gilded Flask running, for one night. Serving drinks, sending out food, and making sure the bar stays in tip-top shape. The pay is good, and the job doesn't seem to be so hard.

After all... what could possibly go wrong in just one night?

The secrets of Dr. Dascalu

A plea for help hangs in front of you on a noticeboard... a girl is missing, and a father is desperately seeking adventurers who can help look for her.

He is uncertain, but the old man who moved in to the supposedly haunted manor on the edge of town might have something to do with it. You could go and check it out, could you not?

This story brings you to the doorstep of Dr. Yvar Dascalu, a crazy scientist who is looking to perfect his latest invention... at whatever cost.

Can you help the father in need, rescue an innocent soul, and potentially save hundreds more, or will you become another specimen for the Doctor's latest experiments?

Getting ready for adventure!

Are you new to Dungeons and Dragons, and do you want to learn how to play by doing, rather than by reading? Then this session might be for you!

In this oneshot session, I take you through the basics of Dungeons and Dragons, and let you practise what you learn! We'll go over at least the following topics:

📖 A little D&D History
📜 The Character Sheet
🌍 How to interact with the world
🎲 Dice rolls & how they work
🧩 Puzzles and riddles in D&D
⚔️ Combat training
🎬 A mini-mini adventure to put everything to practise

You won't need to prepare anything! You can just hop in, learn about Dungeons and Dragons, and have fun while doing so!
Any questions are ofcourse welcome; this session is made to give you a decent starting point to go and find your first D&D adventure!

Ruse of the Artisan

Before he died, an infamous trapmaker announced that he has hidden his huge amassed fortune at the end of a massive labyrinth filled with what he calls "his most devious traps yet".

Now the race is on to see who can reach this treasure trove first. Will you brave the dangers of the dungeon in search for gold and glory?

The Gnome Depot

An everyday shopping trip at the local hardware store turns into complete pandemonium as a bunch of Gnomes accidentally let the robotic Constructs go haywire.

Rather than sawing two-by-fours and stacking bags of garden soil, the Constructs decide it's time for a wholly different approach to do-it-yourself.

In this thrilling but tongue-in-cheek adventure, it is up to you to save the innocent Gnomes from their predicament and escape with your lives!

The Carnival of Tears

It is a slow day at the Dragon's Head Inn. Together with some companions, you're out drinking, and the evening is setting in. You settle your tab and decide to head out, when you are handed a flyer, advertising the 'Carnival of Tears', an eccentric looking place with promises of bedazzling entertainment.

Although you never heard of this particular carnival, you consider visiting the fairgrounds... after all, you're due for a bit of fun.

Come and see the grandeur of the Carnival of Tears! It will be unforgettable, and that is a promise.

Sleepless in Scarsnik

A beautiful oneshot written by the talented Lunchbreak Heroes, with maps from the amazing DM Andy!

The residents of the remote mining town of Scarsnik are no strangers to long hours and working late into the night to ship gems and ore and meet deadlines. But over the past week, no one has slept, and the people of Scarsnik are losing their minds to sleep deprivation.

Sent in as a group of investigators, you must uncover the reason for this sudden change. Will you find what's gnawing at the poor people of Scarsnik, or will your greatest fears devour you alive?

Kringle all the way

It's time for the holidays! You and a few friends gather at a festive Log Cabin in Holly Hill, to enjoy each others company and share your awesome adventures of last year.

Blissfully falling asleep after too much eggnog, you awake to see a strange, unknown forest, blanketed in snow. You feel the cold winter wind blow around you, and as you look at eachother, you wonder... where did the Holiday Spirit go?

The legend of Tidelock Island

You open your eyes on an unfamiliar beach. Beside you are the scattered remnants of the schooner The Silver Lining, as well as most of her crew.

You have no recollection of this island, but you (and what's left of your squad) know that surviving is now your first priority.

As you venture further onto the island, you get the feeling you're being watched... apparently, you are not alone.

The legend of Tidelock Island will bring you stunning areas and frightening encounters, and will make you wonder if it's even possible to escape your predicament. Will you get back home safely?

The house on Hinckley Hill

A heavily homebrewed take on the original Death House from the renowned campaign 'The Curse of Strahd'.

A yellowed letter dropped on your doorstep. Within, you find a cordial invitation to come and have dinner at Hinkcley House, to commemorate the life and exploits of Baron Orville J. Hinckley. Apparently, you are in some way tied to his Lordship... a distant uncle perhaps? Or is this the gentleman your father worked for?

The invitation urges you to come and hear a personal message of utmost importance... As your mind thumbs through the options, you start to consider packing your bags for the weekend.

This one-to-two session oneshot for 3-5 players is set in a gothic-horror style mansion, where nothing is what it seems. Will you unravel the mystries of Hinckley House? Or will you be forced to have a more permanent stay?